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EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e Build


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So I was asked after purchasing the EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e from Atlanta for the unbelievable price of $139.00 to do a quick build thread.

This plane came like all of the EFlite, Parkzone, and the rest of Horizon Hobby's stuff packed well, no issues whatsoever.

Here are the contents of the box:
DSC_0177.JPG DSC_0178.JPG DSC_0179.JPG

The first thing I always do is remove the prop.

Then proceeded with the main landing gears.
Install cover and screws on both wings.

Check and pre-fit carbon spar for the wings. DSC_0187.JPG
Mix the 30 min 2 part epoxy. DSC_0189.JPG
Put a very thin coat of the epoxy on one side of the spar and place in wing. DSC_0188.JPG
Slide the 2 wing halves together.
Forgot to take pics of the following as I was into building and not photo taking, sorry!!!
Epoxy the edges of each wing with a thin coat on each side, then place the forward wing dowel plate. Attach with screws provided. Place the 2 wing bolt plates after applying thin coating of epoxy on these as well.
Epoxy the 2 air scoops and secure to the wing. Attach wing with supplied screws to the fuselage. Let dry canopy side down for 30 minutes for epoxy to dry. (Make sure you did not glue the servo wires in-between the wing halves like I almost did!)

Pre-fit the horizontal stabilizer and 30 mix epoxy the carbon spar and the stabilizer tube. Press fit the horizontal stab in the plane until it fits properly. Let the epoxy dry.

Locate the 2 linkages for the flaps. DSC_0190.JPG
Bind your radio to the receiver. Once bound, be sure that the flap servo arms are pointing to the rear of the wing. remove battery, attach the servo linkage to the servo arms, then to the control horn. DSC_0193.JPG (Sorry out of focus, but you get the idea.)

Test flap control and adjust as necessary. Attach the elevator control rod to the elevator control horn. Check all control surfaces.

Attach prop and spinner, and get ready for some WWII Aerial flight!!!

DSC_0198.JPG DSC_0202.JPG

I hope this wasn't too boring!!!


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Once the weather and work slow down enough to get to the field, I will be happy for the flight report and the video. Hopefully I can get someone to film for me!!!


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Okay, got the maiden in on the Hawker Hurricane. Our field is rough right now, so takeoff was bumpy but quick. The landing on the other hand was scary as a cross wind came up and I about put it into the fence. Thank goodness the plane is a little on the nose heavy side and decided to nose over for some quick brakes or it would have been BAD! Here is the video

I think the flight went well with the exception of the flap issue , which I will have to work on and the landing of course! But nothing broke, just a little dirt on the prop.

Whew, I will fly another day!!!
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It was a very good deal... Here is my honest review.

Easy to build, no real issues at all. Plenty of power and here is why:

Same motor as the Carbon Z Yak 54, 25 size 1000KV
Same ESC, 60 amp Pro brushless with switch
Mine was the Bind & Fly so I received the Eflite 3S 11.1 Volt 3200 mAh 30C battery
Spectrum AR600 receiver
4 Metal gear servos

If you purchase just the motor and the speed control you have already spent more than the 139.00 that I paid.

But, you get a plane that is easy to build and is not that common at the field. I think it flew very well and had plenty of power. No bad tendencies in the air with the exception when activating the flaps. I have never owned a plane with flaps so I am sure that I have done something wrong in the setup of the flaps. I will get it figured out with some help with my club members.

This plane is well worth the 109.00 for the Plug & Play or 139.00 for the Bind and Fly without question. All of the EFlite planes I have purchased have been what you would expect so I would say buy it if you can, you will not be disappointed. It will take a 4 cell as well as this is the same motor and ESC as my Yak 54 and that is what it comes with as recommended.

I will have this plane in the air more as the weather gets better here in Kansas City, but I have to wait on the wonderful weather here to cooperate a little...


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Uh Oh

Hey Hawker fans,
was just putting together my new Hawker. After I finished I had some spare parts that I cant seem to figure out where they go and I dont see them in the directions either. Any help would be awesome, I would hate to think I forgot something somewhere.

photo_3 (1).JPG


Bonez, those are just bonus parts in honor of the spirit of Christmas. ;)

The green pieces look like landing gear thingy do's. Of course, I really have no idea. Hopefully Majik or someone else will weigh in!


Monkey/Bear Poker

Well they are not extra parts, it depends on how you want to finish the Hurricane. If you look on the wings, the silver parts are the landing lights. A little hokey I know but that is what they are. The red and green are the nav lights on the tips of the wings. If you decide to actually run LED lights on your Hurricane, the clear ones are for covering the LED's.

The covers are for if you install the retractable landing gears.

I don't remember what the two little button looking things are. Been a while since I put this one together.

I hope this helps what you are wanting!!!


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Actually that was huge help. I did not realize this came with a light option. Nice but I will forgo the lights. I appreciate the help. I was afraid I had missed an important step. Now all is left is to wait for a clear day for a maiden.


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Actually that was huge help. I did not realize this came with a light option. Nice but I will forgo the lights. I appreciate the help. I was afraid I had missed an important step. Now all is left is to wait for a clear day for a maiden.
Good luck with the maiden! It is a pretty decent flying plane. I did notice that it appeared to be a little nose heavy when landing, but a great flyer non the less.

Let me know how it goes!