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  1. jdawson

    Gremlin + Run Cam Split Micro

    Hi All: I did do a search through the forum but couldn't find a tread on this topic so I apologize if this has been covered before. If it has please just provide a link to the right thread. But I was wondering if all you gremlin wizards have tried a configuration with the run cam split...
  2. Croom

    Radian Glider - Spectacular Flight from 300+ Feet (HD Mounted Cam)

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  3. FlyingMaddLadd

    Flying Easystar High Above my House in Ireland

    Hey guys, Just a clip from my channel, This is my flying over my Area in Ireland. Irish scenery you cant beat it lol, Wel...... but in this video its just the Sea, Houses and a golf course :) Enjoy the View! Please Sub to my channel! It means more than you think. Ill sub back! :D --- >...