Gremlin + Run Cam Split Micro


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Hi All:

I did do a search through the forum but couldn't find a tread on this topic so I apologize if this has been covered before. If it has please just provide a link to the right thread.

But I was wondering if all you gremlin wizards have tried a configuration with the run cam split micro and the gremlin and how it worked out? I know it is a little bit of a heavy setup for a gremlin but I would like to have a nice small unit that can record HD video and I was thinking this maybe a good solution.

If however you have another solution I would like to here what you guys have to say. i am not looking for amazing speed I want to just fly something for fun in tight spaces that has HD recording as well. Your input and and ideas are always welcome and I would love to know what others think is the best way to do HD video on a small micro quad.

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I've been bouncing the same idea around but won't be able to build anything till next month. It would add 10g to a gremlin build over a Runcam Micro Swift. You can save weight by using a 4-in-1 ESC and FC stack. Even more drastic weight and space savings would be the new F4 Zeus FC which is everything on a single board. As for a gremlin frame I think the Alex/Chad frame has the most room but would need modifications to accept everything but the new Turbo Gremlin Frame is already made for 20mm stacks.

Like I said my build will start next month but I'll post something on here about it when its done. If you make any discoveries please share them, I'm new to a lot of this stuff so I'd like hear.


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Gremlins are pretty powerful beasties. I have had mine up to 187 g and it still ripped pretty good. My current configuration at 147g is plenty fast specially if you are trying to be accurate and hitting small gaps.

Here is the maiden at 187g on 3s 800mah

Here is current config at 147g on 3s 450 mah