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    Stubborn Ft Versa

    Hey guys. I'm new to the hobby, and made an ft versa from 5mm foam board. 40a turnigy 1450kv brushless outrunner, pusher configuration, 30a (I'm so sorry, but due to budget this was needed, and I never go above 3/4 throttle for more than 3 seconds) ESC, and a 2800mah 3s. I have 9x7.5 and 9x4...
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    UK Foamboard FT Flyer Evolution.

    Hi Again Still loving the FT Flyer however...... With UK Foamboard, mine are gradually evolving from the light, indoor, floaty planes shown in the Original FT video, to heavier, more powerful planes. Certainly not indoor flyers any more. Number 10 is almost completed......It starts here...
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    Storm Flyer

    I'm looking for suggestions and ideas from anyone who may be familiar with an electric r/c plane capable of handling more extreme conditions - specifically high winds that will attempt to toss it around. I'm looking for something that is like a WC-130, WC-130J, or WC-121N in terms of function...
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    Mikey'sRC abandon SLow Flyer

    Hi guys. I've been working on a build that I saw in this video.. Unfortatly Mikey dosen't have the plans or the plane. I looked at both of his videos that feature the plane frame by frame and was able to get most of the measurments. Also he listed most of the components in the comment sections...
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    I saw the microwave airplane video and felt that the plane was perhaps flying in ground effect. Ground effect is a strange phenomena that increases lift and reduces drag when a plane with very wide wings(large chord length) is flown very low( less than chord length altitude). Such vehicles have...