1. Niez13

    Plane Foamboard F6F Hellcat V1

    F6F Hellcat Designed by: Jack Niezgoda Plans by: Steve Niezgoda This Hellcat is a very easy and fun plane to fly. This Hellcat is very floaty because of its low wing loading. It can fly fast or slow if you want it to. This Hellcat is swappable with the new Master Series swappable power pack...
  2. rryyyaannn

    F6F "HellBat"

    I wanted to share this with you guys. I used a toy baseball bat as the fuselage and DTFB for the wings. It's a KFM3 airfoil 4 channel setup. I can't take credit for the baseball bat idea I came across it somewhere, maybe even here on this forum. I really like the plane and look forward to...
  3. Snarls

    Scratch Build-Off - FPRC F6F Hellcat

    Most of my RC interests these days stem from multirotors, but my early days in the hobby involved planes. I have built and flown numerous foam board planes. Never have I done a detailed scale build. I have wanted to fly an F6F Hellcat for a while now as it is the plane my grandfather flew in...