F6F "HellBat"


I wanted to share this with you guys. I used a toy baseball bat as the fuselage and DTFB for the wings. It's a KFM3 airfoil 4 channel setup. I can't take credit for the baseball bat idea I came across it somewhere, maybe even here on this forum. I really like the plane and look forward to rebuilding with a little more attention to detail.

The plane flies great. It's fast and very acrobatic. Loops, rolls, inverted all are great.

I'm using 3s 1,000mah, with a knock off suppod 2212 1500kv spinning 7x5 APC and a 30am esc.

Here are some pics and a flight vid.

IMG_2411.jpg IMG_2418.jpg IMG_2419.jpg IMG_2423.jpg IMG_2424.jpg IMG_2425.jpg HellBat diagram.png
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