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    flight test fail

    well this is my first post on any forum ever. just wanna say love the show josh n josh it got me intrested in the hobby. with that said i got my first plane in the mail today the cox sky crusier rtf. putting it together was a snap and from what i read flying it would be too even for a noob. i...
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    Quad Setup, recommendations

    Greetings community, I'm planning on building a quad and would like to ask you all for recommendations or help me to find the right components for the quad. I'll just go over the list of what i thought could match (help me out if something is wrong there) (already bought) Frame D2830-11 1000kv...
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    need help finding good cheap project

    hi, I am looking for a good fpv platform scratch build, that will work with a eflite power 15 950kv motor, 11.1v 2100mah 3s battery, and a Thunderbird 54 esc. i am looking for something fun to fly and good for photography and videos for you tube. it has to be able to carry a gopro. also...
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