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flight test fail


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well this is my first post on any forum ever. just wanna say love the show josh n josh it got me intrested in the hobby. with that said i got my first plane in the mail today the cox sky crusier rtf. putting it together was a snap and from what i read flying it would be too even for a noob.

i got to the park asap now i will admit i did a really good job of looking cool standing there holding it as a few people slowed there walk to observe, they probly thought they were in for a real show.. as they were indeed, a showing of pure carnage and embarasment.

i 3/4 the throttle and tossed her into the wind she went straight for about 20 feet then i dont really know it all happened so fast climbing and diving banking every which way it was like i was 3 steps behind making the plane do anything i wanted it to. it was obvious as it flew away then nosed into a fence that this thing cant handle even a slight breeze maybe 6 mph. and of course that i have zero skills haha they make it look so easy on youtube.

i wouldnt give up though i got about six more crashes in before the elevator servo failed. suxs its all on one curcit board so i have to replace the whole thing and glue the fusalage back together. she will fly again but i was thinking that this thing is pretty quick or at least maybe to much for me to learn on.

so i was wondering if anyone can recommend a slow docile trainer that can handle a little wind and lots of unintintional landings??? also any advise im more than willing to learn all i can...peace


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I wouldn't say this is a good windy day plane by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a great trainer!


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It looks like a real plane, it flies nice and slow, it is so light it can take some abuse. If you were to damage it, parts are easily available. I loved mine so much, I gave it away to someone that I wanted to stick with the hobby even though they had some troubles with models they had purchased. Get out in the early morning, or evening just before dark for the times with the least amount of wind. And have fun.
sirmacb, welcome to flite test.....

You have chosen the right place to be for planes and info. I am not sure what you are really looking for but as for a slow docile beginner plane that is easy to fly and build, try the Nutball and/or FT Flyer, Both are easy to build and only require a few $ tree foam boards to build. There two planes are easy to build along with a video to help you in your building process.


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Don't give up, laugh at every crash! Having smashed a lot of planes, I can readily recommend the scratchbuilds available here, they take one hell of a beating before dying on you. And when they do, you just change the prop or glue it together again. The nutball is the toughest of them all, but really sensitive to wind and its constant wobbling is quite stressful for beginners.

I'd recommend the FT Flyer (Dart) with reinforced leading wing edges: Strengthen them with rods (CF, flower pins, glass fiber...) and tape the whole edge. That plane just cruises softly and is really easy to fly. Also, get a lot of good and hard props and prop saver rubber bands for it. If you don't wanna build I think Horizon Hobby has some very docile beginner models (like the Champ and Stratos) so you can have fun and learn at the same time!


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Oh no, you didn't say simulator!?!

Sims are awesome. You could probably get an awesome deal on Real Flight 3.5, which is the best bang for the buck I think. Good graphics without needing a supercomputer to run it. Lots of free models still out there for it (last I checked...)

The nice thing about the Champ is that it's slow. But not too slow.

The super cub is nice, but it will probably fly faster than you're ready for.

Just remember this... it will NOT turn like a car. If you're using rudder to turn, apply rudder, let the plane "lean" or bank, then apply up elevator. When it's the direction you want it to be going, then release up elevator, and counter with opposite rudder.