1. S

    Airfish 8

    Hello, I´m not too old in this giant world of RC. I was wandering if there was anyone who had the plans or the schematics for the very beautifull model that is the Airfish 8 since I am a builder and really would like to make/fly this aircraft. Thanks in advance.
  2. Matthewdupreez

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by Matthew du Preez, Lake Super Buccaneer

    the reason i have chosen this plane is i have always loved the piper comanche and this planes looks like an amazing hydro comanche. plans are in the post below..... the power pod in the plans is incorrect... so please use your own power pod..... scale it down to 50% for a mighty mini. or leave...
  3. L

    Swappable Hydroplane Build

    Hey Guys, Years back I attempted to build a hydroplane that is land, water, or air worthy. I was just getting into the RC stuff and the idea has hit me again and given the talent on the flite test show I think it would prove to be a great addition. The challenge would be to make it use...
  4. Kurt0326

    Hydroplane in the works

    Hi guys, This is my first thread so be gentle :-) A long time ago I saw this Hydro foam on YouTube that just blew me away. That started my obsession with trying to learn RC. It's been two years in to my research and so far I believe i have learned a lot. So now I thought I should share my...