hz champ

  1. tcalico

    FT mini Corsair or mini Guinea any good on windy days????

    After two months of flying, I do see that pilot skill has a great affect on any plane's ability to fly in the wind. However, my little stock engine HZ Champ can still become a kite in a strong breeze and my flying area is often windy even at dawn or sunset. I'd like to build the FT Mini Corsair...
  2. Montiey

    Next step up from the Champ

    Soo.. my HZ Champ is dead *sniff*.. Just how different is the FT Flyer? Im waiting on the electronics to get here from hobby kings EU warehouse- DON'T ORDER FROM THERE IF U R IN THE U.S. Stuff takes months to arrive. I'll be using a 1300kv motor on a 3 cell lipo. Anyone knows how this setup...