1. M

    ardupilot mega 2.8

    Hi. Has anyone got or tried the Ardupilot mega 2.8? I am still learning to set it up with the Mission Planner software. Does this version (2.8) have a built in compass? There is practically no info on this version. The reason I ask is because I am trying to use an external compass with GPS...
  2. Robbie

    Any Infomation on Partom FPV 1.2G 1.3G 8CH 800mw

    Hey Guys, Is there any extra info on the Partom FPV 1.2G 1.3G 8CH 800mw Wireless AV Transmitter And Receiver and are there any extra cable i would need to get this working preferably with a 480TVL Sony...
  3. zodiac

    Big up from Belgium

    Hi, My real name is Steven and I live in Belgium (Dutch part, called Flanders). I started out with the RC hobby on a very young age, back then it was mostly RC Cars for me. My dad had by that time 2 balsa planes and we went out to RC shows regularly. However it took years for me to start with...