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My real name is Steven and I live in Belgium (Dutch part, called Flanders).

I started out with the RC hobby on a very young age, back then it was mostly RC Cars for me.
My dad had by that time 2 balsa planes and we went out to RC shows regularly. However it took years for me to start with flying things.

My dad wrecked his first plane during the maiden (I think he kinda flew 30 secs :p). His second plane never got finished, untill 20 years later when I picked it up from under inches of dust and completed the build (westerly, full balsa plane). My dad was sooo proud (as I did it as a suprise for him) when he saw the thing actually fly. Still have that plane today!

As I now know, the first crash is hard for your ego, my dad quit it after that first crash, and yeaaars later I also kinda quit after I crashed a new plane due to remote glitches... :(

But as they say, once you got the bug, you'll never get rid of it. I messed around with some smaller RC stuff now and again (Nitro Cars, micro heli's, CP heli, Robbe Mirage and some indoor flyers) to this day I'm still loving the hobby, I love to build things (I think the build is the most pleasuring part of RC).

A few months ago I bought a Quadcopter (IdeaFly, which I don't recommend btw). And lost it after 2 weeks of flight. :(

By know I've learned to manage crashes and losses, it's still a bad thing, but these things happen...

Today I'm doing a new build, which is almost done (Silent Mite build:

My fleet:

Westerly Trainer (I don't fly this due to sentimental reasons)
Robbe Mirage (this thing has endured the most crashes and still flies!!)
E-sky Honey Bee CP (heli, having a lot of fun with this in the backyard)
DJI F450 + Naza (very nice as oposed to the Ideafly, I totally recoment DJI products!)
Micro Heli (very nice for indoor flying and bugging the wife)
Silent Mite (still in build fase)

Crashes & losses:

Indoor Edge: (got sold)
trainer plane: (crashed and sold the scrap parts)
IdeaFly Quad: Got lost somewhere in the trees after having weird glitches, never found it :( (still looking till this day when I am at that location)

Off course I crashed my CP heli (a lot, even totally wrecked it once, build it right back up and fly some more :))

My Robby Mirage has def had the most crashes, I think the weight has gone up a lot due to the massive amounts of glue it holds now :cool:

New builds:
Silent Mite: scratch build from depron, epp and plans from internet (still in the build, hope to test this one soon)

My next build will be the Flite Test Spitfire. Prolly gonna buy the fast build kit for this.

Lastly I want to add I just love Flite Test, I discovered Flite Test a few months ago, and these days I notice I go to the Flite Test website a lot for info, build info and mostly the video's. I watch the video's as a regular tv show, hell they are even better then what's on tv. You guys have this natural feel for presenting and making it interesting to watch (love the comedy and relaxed sessions). You guys should make TV Series :D

To the Flite Test Crew: KEEP THIS UP, THIS IS AWESOME!!!! :applause:
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Hello, I'm from Luxembourg, nice to see that the neighbours are also building planes :).

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Altijd aangenaam om te horen dat er nog belgen hier op dit forum zitten. Ik ben van Poperinge.

Heb al 3 ft's gemaakt: spitfire, FT3D & bloody Wonder.