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  1. O

    German Wiki (BatBone)

    Hi there :) We are a RC Community in Switzerland and we watch also a lot of the Flite Test videos. And after building Bat's last year, we now built 3 BatBones. We document all our findings to our Wiki http://rc.oxi.ch. Our Wiki is written mostly in german, so it might be helpful for other...
  2. Webcrowd

    Advice and info for a Noob required please

    HI everyone, I was wanting to get some information on Lipo and charge levels please. I am a total noob to the electric side of things, and only just returning to the hobby after 20 years absence. So if any one would care to share their wisdom, that would be much appreciated. I have been trolling...
  3. T

    Video of How to Repair a Broken DX6i antenna!

    Here is a video I made showing how to fix a Broken DX6i Antenna
  4. T

    Understanding Batteries 101

    Complete Guide to Lithium Polymer Batteries and LiPo Failure Reports After seeing the many many posts on LiPoly's and answering similar questions time after time I've decided to put up a guide for using LiPoly batteries. Lithium batteries are the preferred power sources for most electric...
  5. T

    Apple i movie!

    I just got a apple Computer and I love I Movie I also use many Different cameras for shooting Videos A Sony Webbie that can be fitted on a hat so I can fly and Film A GOPRO HD Camera for onboard Video and it can also be Fitted on a Hat I have a Canon HD Camera for all my other HD Video Needs...