1. A

    Setting FPV for 250mm Quadcopter

    Hi there fellas, I've built a quad(250mm) using these parts: 1. ZMR250 clone frame 2. Naze32 10DOF Rev6 3. Emax 12a BLHeli esc 4. Marspowers mx1806-2280kv motors 5. 2000 mah 3s-30c Lipo Battery 6. Flysky FS-i6 tx with an ia6 receiver. I want to add an fpv system on the quad. But the thing is I...
  2. Snarls

    Share Your Instagram! (Or Other Social Media)

    Do you have an Instagram account that you use for this hobby? If so please share! I see a lot of the Flitetest crew on Instagram and wonder if any other forum members are also posting what they are doing. I think it's a great way to check in on what others are doing, see builds that never took...
  3. W

    Photos and Instagram

    Hey Guys, If you have any pictures you would like to share and you have an Instagram account, please post them there too and use the hashtag #flitefest . We have created an account called FTAfterhours and have posted a bunch of FliteFest photos if you want to check them out. Have fun and keep...
  4. RoyBro

    New Social Networking Site for Aerial Photography.

    I'm not partial to the name, but it is what it is.