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  1. B

    Landing gear

    Hey y’all…I’m a total newbie. Are there instructions in how to install landing gear? The plane I’m building is the ft mini Corsair. Thanks in advance!
  2. Spr0ck3t

    The Phat Slug - Twin Engined A-Tail R/C Plane with complete plans and detailed instructions!

    Hey folks! As I have promised a while ago, when I made a video (linked below) with the Phat Slug, here are the complete plans and detailed (almost 30 pages!) instructions: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4544911 Even if you are not interested in the ugly plane itself, I strongly recommend...
  3. B

    Are there any dimensioned plans for FT Planes?

    Hi, I'm new to building and flying R/C and have had some wonderful disappointments (crashes). The FT plans are great and I really appreciate the fact they are free to download, in full and tiled (this helps a lot since I have retired I no longer have access to my large format plotter, man I miss...