1. A

    Help! Motor issues

    Hello everyone! I've been watching flite test and have been a fan for almost a year now, I would say. I've learned a ton from them, and was recently inspired enough to buy a power pack (c) and a TX/RX pair. Now, I've been trying for the last few days to get the main rotary motor to spin, but I...
  2. J

    Fpv camera issue

    Hey so I recently built a mini whoop drone and got the fat shark recon v2 goggles for fpv. I got 2 cameras and they both worked great. After flying my drone around a while and crashing it quite a bit the Fpv footage was getting worse and I noticed the antenna on the drones camera was broken. And...
  3. F

    Master Series Corsair Power Pod Issues, Power Pack C Motor Shaft Issue

    Welp, ran into more issues while building my speed build Corsair. The power pack C I ordered came with a motor with a shaft on the same side as the x-mount, and I don't know if I can swap it around. The power pod is very tiny, a 4s 2200 takes up the entire space and there is no room left for the...
  4. Wheelz

    Some severe drone wobble

    Hey guys, I'm having some severe issues with my freshly built gremlin. I did everything that TJ did in the video and in BF it all checks out. But after I disconnect from the computer and plug the battery in and connect to my transmitter and actually arm it the whole thing starts to wobble...
  5. ewokshoter

    FT gremlin issues.

    This is my first post (if I put it in the wrong spot, my apologies) I received the gremlin kit for Christmas, ive built multi rotors before and even helped a friend build his gremlin) to start off im using a DXE radio (the cheap one with no screen) and the spectrum DSMX FPV Racing serial...
  6. L

    Tricopter first flight issues.

    So i got my tricopter working and i keep trying to attempt to take it off but usually one side allways rolls over the other. It is way to sensitive also. Is there any tips that can make it much mellower on the sick and take off evenly?