josh scott

  1. D

    Help! plans sizes according to power packs

    hey guys, i was thinking of changing the sizes to existing plans, but don't know the power requirements of such planes.Maybe you guys could take a look at some size changes, and give us some recommendations for a power pack.For instance a 200% cub, or a 50% explorer.Just a thought.
  2. E

    Osprey build challenge!

    Hello Flitetest and Hobbyist, I would really like to see an osprey being built in the flite test workshop with the movable moters and bomb bay (Just look it up on the web to see what i mean). PS I found this guy on youtube that might help you get started...
  3. John Campbell

    I Challenge/Petition Flitetest to have Josh Scott do a full review...

    I would like to Challenge Flitetest to do a review featuring something that would be suitable for Josh Scott to fly. He sits very well in his position, but many times it seems like he is getting run over. I would challenge to have him fly without assistance a plane suitable... Have Josh Bixler...