Help! plans sizes according to power packs


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hey guys, i was thinking of changing the sizes to existing plans, but don't know the power requirements of such planes.Maybe you guys could take a look at some size changes, and give us some recommendations for a power pack.For instance a 200% cub, or a 50% explorer.Just a thought.


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When you resize, you simply build it, then weigh the finished build. All the motor data sheets have thrust output with their preferred prop. You then look at which combo gives you the thrust ratio you want for your build and how you want it to fly.


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Here are some guidelines that may help. It’s the total flying weight of the plane that you need, including motor and battery.

• 50 to 70 watts per pound is the minimum level of power, good for park flyers and lightly loaded slow flyers.
•70 to 90 watts per pound is perfect for trainers and slow-flying aircraft.
•90 to 110 watts per pound is good for fast-flying scale models and some sport aerobatic aircraft.
•110 to 130 watts per pound is what you want for advanced aerobatics and high-speed aircraft.
•130 to 150 watts per pound is needed for lightly loaded 3D models and ducted fans.
•150 to 210+ watts per pound gives unlimited performance for any 3D model.