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  1. Plaid Bandit

    1306 - 4000kv RC airboat on 4S with flight controller. 170 grams.

    Hi thanks for checking it out. I have busted quads laying around and no cash and a few servos so i made an RC airboat. It has a naze32 rev6 haha, a diatone PDB, an Emax 1306 and a 20 amp speed controller of unknow origins. it will be running a 4s infinity 550 mah battery. just setting up the CLI...
  2. bpw823

    Six-Foot Junkers Ju-52

    Greetings fellow Flite Test-ers! My recent self-diagnosis of insanity has been provoked by my ambition to build a 71.5" Junkers Ju-52. Now, I am 16 with no workshop or storage space at home, so this will be very fun. ^.^ I can be recognized by some as the one who built the Flite Fest F2A...