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Six-Foot Junkers Ju-52


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Greetings fellow Flite Test-ers! My recent self-diagnosis of insanity has been provoked by my ambition to build a 71.5" Junkers Ju-52. Now, I am 16 with no workshop or storage space at home, so this will be very fun. ^.^
Junkers_Ju_52-3mg2.jpg d-aqui-lufthansa-traditionsflug-junkers-ju-52_PlanespottersNet_142936.jpg

I can be recognized by some as the one who built the Flite Fest F2A Buffalo. I've built a second one and have enjoyed its quirky characteristics to their full extent. Article link here: http://flitetest.com/articles/flite-fest-scratch-f2a-buffalo
20160717_232629.jpg 20160816_170009.jpg

After this endeavor, I chose to put some research into some German aircraft and multi-engine machinery. I've built my own FT Cruiser (which I actually bought the speed build kit for two Christmases ago)

After some careful consideration and rash decision-making, I've decided to pioneer a three-engine Ju-52 that will take up my entire bedroom.

I've begun CADDing and prototyping the fuselage--the easiest yet most complex portion of the airframe. I'm using a similar former technique as the Buffalo, but instead of a 'Fusebox', I'm building the airplane around a 36" x 3/4" square dowel from Home Depot. This allows for easier (yet heavier) construction and proper alignment.
Screenshot (167).png 20160925_170738.jpg 20160925_170749.jpg

After a day's worth of forming the skeleton of the fuselage, I've reached the point where taking into account the functional aspects of the airplane becomes the deciding factor in the build process. I'm now focusing on sourcing materials to construct a 12" hot-wire cutter in order to properly cut the wings that will amount to a broader span than I am tall.
20160925_193136.jpg 20160925_193152.jpg

I'll update this thread as work progresses. Let me know what you think or any pointers down below, as I am still fairly novice with new techniques. :)
Interesting project! We seem to have a lot in common, around the same age (I'm 15), building in our bedrooms, and being less than 6ft tall. :D It seems like the construction technique you are using for your fuselage is fairly similar to those I used on my 109 and P-38 (links in signature), I just did some things differently to cut down on weight (also undercambered the wings for better slow-flying characteristics as they were made to fly indoors). Based on what you wrote you'll probably be flying yours outdoors so weight won't be as much of a concern.

Anyways, unique building subject, I like it. I wish you the best of luck! Keep us updated. :)


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Thanks Joker! I'll be working on this even throughout working on AP school courses, so expect some quick updates here and there.

I do say we do have a lot in common, and I remember checking out your slow-fly builds earlier this year. Was expecting to see you at Flite Fest, but maybe next year! Your builds inspired me to do the crazier, larger projects, so I'm glad to have your support. ;)


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Got set up at the Design Studio at school, prepped and ready to start laser cutting the rest of the airframe. Only got a few pieces cut between the end of school and robotics, but the fuselage is taking shape pretty well.
20160927_164708.jpg 20160927_164703.jpg 20160927_164658.jpg 20160927_173135.jpg

I didn't get a picture but I collected my raw supplies for my wire-cutting endeavor: A 2' x 1' PVC bow and three 2' x 2' x 1" sheets of rigid foam. After I get my electronics in in the next week or so, I'll have the necessary supplies to craft myself a good three-piece wing. First, I have to get the fuselage into working order (servos, hatches, coverings, etc.) before I get to the experimental part.

Wish me luck!



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Did a few little additions this afternoon. Just strapped the horizontal and vertical stabilizers into position and wired up some servo extensions to make sure they worked thru the tail-formers.

20160928_144521.jpg 20160928_144525.jpg

The next step will be installing servos, hooking them up and slapping some on some siding to finish off the main externals of the fuselage. I should have all of this completed by tomorrow evening, so wish me luck! ^.^
Awesome build! I will be following this one for sure. Interestingly, I am close to your age too (just turned 15). I can't wait to see the finished product! Good Luck!


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As per my usual nightly updates, I've come to the land of the forums to bring to you the news and happenings of my latest progress. I've installed the tail servos, covered the rear fuselage siding, and covered the top of the fuse with posterboard.

20160929_154259.jpg 20160929_165854.jpg
The form of the airplane is apparent and I'm liking it! Hopefully the wings will come out the same way. Next on my list is constructing my hot-wire setup, so expect that coming up sometime soon.

Not a huge update, but with my allotted time each day it's as much as I can do. ^.^


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Not much physically to update on, but I've done some work on my Cruiser and Buffalo design while waiting for my parts to arrive. I bought hinges, servos, linkage stoppers, Y-Harnesses, and plywood at the local hobby store in preparation. The nichrome wire and 3 foot wire strips came in today; just need that brushed ESC and I can begin assembling my cutter. After that, I'll install the fuselage wing-block and center wing section.

[The Cruiser]

Designing the separating wing spans will be a challenge, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Much more progress will be reported later this week.

Monday is an off day from school, so I'm just going to take a flight with the real "Lady Lorrey" (Pun from my FT Storch). Getting all sorts of aviation experience this weekend.



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Another quick update:

Our school's laser-cutter is out of commission until we can source a new lens, but I have soldered connectors for and assembled my hot-wire cutter. I've cut into the correct dimensions the wing pieces and all that's left to do is attach some wire and begin cutting the wings! Hopefully I can cut out the templates accurately without the laser, but after I do it should be a quick process.

Next update will include images and progress!



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I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this project soon :) Love your Buffalo build too, may have to put one together sometime.