1. Taildragger

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by Taildragger

    Build-ruary Build Log by Taildragger Table of contents: Piper PA-16 Kitfox STi (FireFox) Magnus FusionUL Rans S-7 Trainer
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    Skin Mighty Mini Kitfox Skins (Kyle Franklin Speedster) 1.0

    Skins for my fast Kitfox Speedster based on Kyle Franklin's 2017 Kitfox Speedster. According to Franklin it is "A blast to fly" at full scale, so hopefully it is as an RC Both skins scaled down can be seen below (and yes that is trent palmers autograph):
  3. Taildragger

    Plane Kitfox STi (original version) 4.0

    After months of work, I am proud to release a BETA version of my first design, the Mighty Mini Kitfox STi. This plane has NOT finished passing BETA tests! but it does look cool... Required Electronics: Three 9g Servos OR One 9g Servo and Two 5g Servos 1806 Motor ~2300kv (A 2205 will NOT fit)...
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    Plane Mighty Mini Kitfox Speedster (BETA) 3.0

    These plans are BETA and I am less confident in them than my Kitfox STi After making my Kitfox STi, I wondered if there was a way to make this plane more sporty, and I remembered the full-size Kitfox Speedster. I quickly modified my kitfox design to have a shorter wingspan, more aerodynamic...
  5. Taildragger

    Skin Mighty Mini Kitfox Skins (Freedom Fox) 2.0

    Get yourself a Mighty Mini scale model of Trent Palmer's Kitfox! I have used these once (scaled down) and they look pretty good! They are even Trent Palmer approved :p (not really, but I did get him to autograph them): I can verify these are almost completely accurate after seeing the...
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    Bush Plane Build Challenge 2- Star Spangled Kitfox by Taildragger

    Well, I made a new thread! to catch up thus far: I had an idea: Which evolved to me learning how to use cad: And that is all to date! Playlist for most recent activity...
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