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Bush Plane Build Challenge 2- Star Spangled Kitfox by Taildragger

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Reserved for build
umm haven't documented much of the build

While waiting for parts I'm now building this again:
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Well, I made a new thread! to catch up thus far:
I had an idea:
View attachment 202664
Which evolved to me learning how to use cad:
View attachment 202665 View attachment 202666
View attachment 202667
View attachment 202668
View attachment 202669
View attachment 202670
View attachment 202671
And that is all to date!
Playlist for most recent activity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcmBoeMendk&list=PLlA3v2gDr7cTGWtI9n46bgsRypc2eFoVE

A few updates this afternoon:
added ailerons View attachment 203917 and aileron servo
View attachment 203916
Then proceeded to squeeze nearly all the plans onto one sheet of FB:
View attachment 203918
are this the latest plans ?