1. cdfigueredo

    New idea for 3d printing business. Could it work?

    Hello family! For some time I have been thinking about this idea that I would like to share with you. I hope you like it, and if so, start producing some kits. I love seeing how many of the members of this family go out of their way to add special touches to their models that make them look...
  2. mungral

    Flite test DIY kits in Australia - WHO?

    Hi all Is there a FT Store or someone who imports and sells FT kits in Australia?
  3. 8

    Plans and kits for Sale

    I started a small web site to see if there is any interest in the planes I've made so far and coming up I am selling plans and or hand cut kits . Please go and have a look at it you can get to it from HERE Thanks
  4. Maingear

    Flite Test Store Experience -You Need to Know....

    I gladly paid $20 at a repographics shop for the boxcar plans to keep from having to tape tiles, then spent 4 evenings at 3 hours each, cutting it out. That's over $480 in my labor before I plug in the glue gun. I've built 2 Krakens, 4 FT Flyers, and 1 SS. I ordered the Storch Speedbuild Kit...