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  1. mungral

    Flite test DIY kits in Australia - WHO?

    Hi all Is there a FT Store or someone who imports and sells FT kits in Australia?
  2. 8

    Plans and kits for Sale

    I started a small web site to see if there is any interest in the planes I've made so far and coming up I am selling plans and or hand cut kits . Please go and have a look at it you can get to it from HERE Thanks
  3. Maingear

    Flite Test Store Experience -You Need to Know....

    I gladly paid $20 at a repographics shop for the boxcar plans to keep from having to tape tiles, then spent 4 evenings at 3 hours each, cutting it out. That's over $480 in my labor before I plug in the glue gun. I've built 2 Krakens, 4 FT Flyers, and 1 SS. I ordered the Storch Speedbuild Kit...