New idea for 3d printing business. Could it work?

Do you think this is really a good idea?

  • Sure, I would love to buy one of your kits!

  • It sounds good, but I'm not sure.

  • I don't think it will work at all.

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Hello family!
For some time I have been thinking about this idea that I would like to share with you. I hope you like it, and if so, start producing some kits.

I love seeing how many of the members of this family go out of their way to add special touches to their models that make them look amazing. A great paint job, a scale cockpit, a pilot, etc. And of course, many have gone further by adding 3D printed parts that make their models jump to the next level.
For many, 3D printing is out of reach, either because of good 3D printer prices, or because simply starting to print models of acceptable quality is a time-consuming process. In addition to this, Flite Test has been releasing for some time now these incredible master series models that with a paint job and some 3D accessories would look like real flying machines.

So, what would I like to offer:
Imagine that after building your Flite Test Corsair Master Series (to name one) you could take your work further by adding a set of 3d printed parts. Let's say:
  • A cockpit
  • A pilot
  • Rockets under the wings
  • Bombs
  • A radial engine
  • Landing gear accessories

All this and more, all scale and lightweight. I am planning to have a set of accessories available for each Flite Test model starting with the Master Series. Then more sets will be added as orders come in.
The printing would be done in Florida and mailed to you. The pieces would be printed in PLA in white or black color of your choice. For now it is just an idea that I want to share to see if it would be accepted. So I would really appreciate it if you could help me by filling out the poll at the beginning of the thread, it would mean a lot to the project. Any comments or ideas you would like to share are welcome.

Anyway the printers are ready to start with the first order. ;)


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I am not going to vote, because I don't think I am your target market (I already have a 3D printer and I tend to focus on functional designs over scale models).

It sounds like your target market is people who want the scale details, but would rather purchase the items from someone vs make it themselves. I see 2 general issues with this -> small market/awareness of your product to that market and how many people that want the details would rather just purchase the bits from someone vs doing it themself (IE if someone wants to spend the time doing all the fine detail, how much of their enjoyment is from actually doing it vs having the final product).

Having had a few things commissioned from me (one of things, never tried to make a business of it), I can see how having the tools to do this, opens up business ideas and hopefully you can turn your tool into a profitable business.


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Since my design skills are lacking, but I have a 3D printer I would be more interested in having access to the STL files versus the completed parts.


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Carlos - take a look at Matagami designs F-82 with the printed nose. It makes the plane look so much better. I think you could print noses for all of the FT speed build WW2 fighters and folks might be will to buy the printed part or the .stx file (I know nothing about 3D printing). I know I want one for the P-40

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