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kk mini

  1. T

    KK Mini PIDs?

    I have a diatone 250 ghost frame which is an X style quad with hobbywing ESCs, a KK mini with stock firmware, and DYS 2300 kv motors. When i first got the quad it was LOS since i hadn't yet got the money for FPV and i did the settings to the best of my ability but it just doesn't feel locked in...
  2. N

    Can you flash the kk mini with kk2 firmware?

    I have a kk mini and would like to change the firmware to one with a failsafe. I couldn't find any firmware specifically for the kk mini. I am using the hk-t6A transmitter so I have no way of adding a failsafe with the radio Do you know if I can flash the kk2 firmware onto the kk mini, and if...
  3. devindied

    KK Mini Controller Review

    Would love to see the KK Mini Review for multirotors and for planes. I know there are multiple versions of firmware for these boards(same as the KK 2.1.5) and would like to see a video explaining some of the options as well(OpenAero, OpenAeroVTOL etc). P.S. Thanks for taking the time to check...
  4. R

    Mini KK Buzzer Alarm Set Up

    I know it might be a dumb question, but I can't find any videos or posts on how to set up the voltage alarm for the HK mini kk board. I'm a little confused on how it should be hooked up since the voltage readout plug only has a positive pin. Should the positive termanal of the battery go to that...