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KK Mini PIDs?

I have a diatone 250 ghost frame which is an X style quad with hobbywing ESCs, a KK mini with stock firmware, and DYS 2300 kv motors. When i first got the quad it was LOS since i hadn't yet got the money for FPV and i did the settings to the best of my ability but it just doesn't feel locked in and when i input a control like roll it goes where i want it but it fluctuates a lot before it settles. This was all fine and dandy when i was flying LOS since it didn't bother me much but now that i fly fpv with it having it move around a lot gets annoying very fast and makes it hard to learn fpv on. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me figure out the PID settings and explain why changing what settings does what it does so that on my next build I will be able to do this all on my own.



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Hey Tff!

There are lots of videos on YouTube that explain PID's and how to adjust them... There was one I really liked with a guy standing in his front yard and flying a quad but I can't seem to find it now.

If you could post a video of whats happening that would help to figure out what to suggest!


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Lots of methods have been mentioned on this forum in regards to tuning PIDs. Joshuabardwell has a great (very detailed) guide on tuning over on RCGroups. A very basic guideline is to lower the I and D gains considerably (but not to 0), then start with stock P and increase/decrease it to your liking. Then move on to I, and then D. The symptoms of each term is described by Josh, or can be found pretty easily on forums or in videos.

Here are my two favorite PID tuning videos. One is LOS and one is FPV.

Hope this helps! It is confusing at first, but the more tunes you do the faster and better you will be able to do it.
Are you flying in autolevel? if so I have the exact same setup and my autolevel gain is 90 and that seems to work well. I left the acro gains alone because they flew fine.

Hey guys thanks for all the responses! I have not tried any of these tips or tricks yet but I will get to them when I finish school (Im 14 and do online school). on the matter of flying with autolevel on i normally do not turn autolevel on unless letting a newb fly it but it has the same problems even when autolevel is enabled. Again thanks for the suggestions.


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The kk2 board won't have a D adjustment. If it has a case of the wobbles chances are the I number is too high. If there are fast jittery oscillations that is usually P too high. If P is okay lower the I to about half of the P value.

Recheck to make sure P gain is at a good value. You want it to feel nice and locked in but not oscillating when you goose the throttle during transitioned flight.

After you get the P value right If the copter feels a little sloppy and difficult to control raise the I value a bit at a time until it stays at the position you put it in and oscillate when you give stick input.