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knuckle h-quad

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    Knuckle H Quad recommended electronics

    Hi, I bought the Knuckle H-Quad a while ago but did not touch it since that time. I'm starting this project today but I don't find this FT product on the store anymore. The kit didn't come with these infos. I tried to find info on the net but did not find answers to my questions. What are...
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    Knuckle H-quad kk2.1 tips???

    Hi Im building a Knuckle H-quad, this is my first aircraft build. I am still waiting for my esc's and motors to come in the mail. The only thing i have doubts about is what configuration i need to chose on my kk2.1 board (X, H6, H4???). I also don't know what settings i need for roll/pitch, yaw...