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laser cut

  1. 273030035_335111585347982_72583209933124106_n.jpg


    chubby chipmunk
  2. 272967194_516283140108240_5515345747023636_n.jpg


    chubby chipmunk
  3. 273540428_390771335808513_7801475161959421801_n.jpg


    top cap balsa build cut off my laser
  4. 273055255_1037933567078307_4192255627899323099_n.jpg


    top cap balsa build cut off my laser
  5. 276974876_495717978728774_7364646482238497980_n.jpg


    top cap balsa build cut off my laser
  6. 276988377_1689788888042509_7037968842651166742_n.jpg


    cut and build, fun build!!
  7. MikeyboyMC

    Solved What if I don't have a laser printer?

    I am new to the hobby, and am really looking forward to finishing my first plane, but I don't have a laser printer to cut my foam. Any suggestions?
  8. bpw823

    First Airplane - Laser Cut FT Storch

    Over the past few months, I've been held down by end of school study, FIRST Robotics, and other commitments, but I've finally been able to complete my first 'scratch' build. Using the laser cutter provided by a Design Studio at a local vocational technology school, I was able to CAD trace the...