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laser cutter

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    Laser cutter or 3D printer?

    I've finally reached that point in the hobby where a choice must be made. I would love a 3D printer to print various odds and ends, details etc but they (well ones that are under my 500 USD budget (Anet A6 is what I have my eye on) anyway) seem to be rather sketchy and problematic. Good high end...
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    DIY CNC Laser Cutter Power Question

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting and I was hoping someone in the community could help me out with a quick question. As the title suggests I am making a cnc laser cutter so I can expedite prototyping and also have faster and more accurate foam board cutting. I have four questions...
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    From PDF to Laser Cutter

    I have my own laser cutter and I have found some software that can convert the pdfs into vector images but it's never easy to get the designs sized right and everything. Anyone have any experience doing this with some good ideas? My current set up aidecad trial version - converts pdfs to...