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learning to fly

  1. Q

    Bixler 1 vs Bixler 2 for a Newbie in Aus :)

    Heyas, So I have been looking at possibly getting into UAVs currently I am just looking at planes and learning to fly a RC plane. (Which since looking at them I have become more interested in just R/C but still plan to fiddle with UAVs) So keeping in mind I am learning to fly still which would...
  2. B

    New to flying Rc Planes

    Today i decided to buy something that i thought would be easy to learn to fly with. Im not currently at the stage where i want to be able to build the models but i figure i will be soon. Anyway my question is, is the Axion cumulus 200 good for a beginner? I mean bit late now as i have already...
  3. B

    learning to fly the h quad

    I am new to quad copters so heres a vid of me learning to fly with the inevitable crashes