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  1. milkydeathgrind

    HELP with my 250 build (Unexplained extreme left yaw in horizon mode)

    So this is my second 250 class racing FPV quad and I am having a confusing issue while in horizon mode. First off my build consists of: -Diatone Blade 250 frame with integrated PDB (also have tried using a separate PDB on the build) -10DOF Naze32 rev6a FC (have also tried with Naze32 rev5 acro...
  2. A

    [Tricopter] weird torque issue

    Hello Flitetest community After a minor crash with my tricopter it seems to generate way less CW torque than the FC expects, making the tri spin CCW. To compensate, I have to bring the tail rotor in a position where it's sligtly tilted to the left rather than being tilted significantly to the...