HELP with my 250 build (Unexplained extreme left yaw in horizon mode)

So this is my second 250 class racing FPV quad and I am having a confusing issue while in horizon mode.
First off my build consists of:

-Diatone Blade 250 frame with integrated PDB (also have tried using a separate PDB on the build)
-10DOF Naze32 rev6a FC (have also tried with Naze32 rev5 acro board)
-Scorpion M-2204 2300kv motors
-20amp Afro ESC's flashed with BLHeli using oneshot (have also tried with 25amp Turnigy plush esc's)
-FrSky D4R-II receiver in PPM (have also tried using a FrSky D8R-II plus in PWM)
-Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3s lipo
-Skyzone FPV gear (tried flying build with and without it installed)
-KingKong 5x3 props (have also tried diatone 5x3.5 props)

I am using Cleanflight with the most recent version of the firmware for the Naze.
I have tried Luxfloat and Multiwii(rewrite) PID controllers to try and solve this issue but would normally be using Luxfloat.

The quad is flying perfectly fine in angle and acro mode (with some minor kinks to work out) but if I switch to horizon mode for some reason I am getting and extreme Yaw to the left no matter what I do even with my trims set all the way right. I have tested the crap out of many settings on and off the bench to try and remedy this but I am just baffled.

I'm open to any suggestions that any of you might have because at this point I'm desperate.
I know i could just fly in angle or acro mode but at this point it's about the principle of horizon mode being wonky that I just seem to need to fix for my sanity.
Thanks for any help in advance.

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i think you battery is to heavy, wish i could help you with naze but i can not..

most use 3s to 4s 1300 - 1500 for 250 size minis.. good luck.

I have also tried testing it while the battery was being supported by me and i held the quad in my hand. When i give throttle it seems to shoot right to a really high rpm and also only the front left and back right motors will spin at start which is obviously resulting in the massive left yaw but if i really fight it to the right the other motors will slowly begin to spin up.
So thank you for the reply but i am 99.9 certain the battery is not the issue (especially since i've been able to stick a 5000mah lipo on it and still have plenty of power to fly fine in acro and angle mode)


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That sounds like either an ESC calibration issue, or a motor issue, but given that you said you tried it with two different sets of ESCs and the yaw issue was the same then that seems like it shouldn't be the problem.

I could understand it being a calibration issue if firstly I hadn't calibrated the ESC's 10 different times to try and fix it and also if my other 2 flight modes were acting up as well.......
hmmm..... I could always just say to hell with horizon mode, WHO NEEDS IT ANYWAY!!! hahaa.



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is horizon mode stabilized or acro? i agree if its stabilized. acro is more fun, when i fly in anything but ratitude ( acro, rate, different FC call it different things ) it just feels like i have no control.

but for filming etc i agree i would want it.

i just brought up the battery because you may get more efficient flight time if you pair up the weight to the battery size to what the motors want etc. i know the logic is bigger should give more flight time but i think you can reach a point of no return.. dunno all i have are 1300 batterys as of now.
but as of now i would just fly and what not.. maybe a bad giro? Bruce on youtube has a video on a naze board with one.
it maybe handy as it may mention the same behavior.

bruce youtube chanell is :

rcmodel review..if you not checked it out i would.. so much good info he has shared.. iv learn lots from him i have.. as im a noob to RC.