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  1. Loudmouthman

    Bricking your Multirotor; and not in a bad way. Flybrix anyone?

    I took the plunge and ordered up the FlyBrix premium set; more of the tiny whoop sized flying with the bonus of multirotor experimenting. The kit was pretty 'kickstartery' in delivery but the Lego kit assembly and the speed to air was enjoyable. However lego multirotors are not made for crashes...
  2. WhatDoesThisButtonDo

    Challenge idea:: LEGO plane

    Build a plane out of regular LEGO bricks and make that puppy fly.
  3. D

    Lego Quad Copter Designed by Joshua Scott (No not the one you're thinking of)

    Check this out: Drone Made of Legos Takes Flight Yes, the article does mention a Joshua Scott as one of the designers :eek: Love to see one of you advanced quad types do a Lego quad build log.