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light system

  1. A

    3D Printed 3mm Lens cover

    I found some cheap white 3mm LED and couldn't find the same style in red and green so I designed some lens covers for all of them. They are about the thickness of the foam board so the plan is to drill a small hole in the foam on the end of the wing and then use some small winding wire to wire...
  2. Jetcrafter_2000

    FT Corsair with flaps and lights

    Hi guis! In my main projekt (Dc3) i runned out of glue so i decided to built something else over the weekend. I like the shape of the corsair and i ever wanted to have a warbird :D. Anyway i had the problem, that you can´t get a 4 channel reciver from Multiplex and at the FT Corsair the ailerons...