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FT Corsair with flaps and lights

Hi guis!
In my main projekt (Dc3) i runned out of glue so i decided to built something else over the weekend.
I like the shape of the corsair and i ever wanted to have a warbird :D.
Anyway i had the problem, that you can´t get a 4 channel reciver from Multiplex and at the FT Corsair the ailerons are conected with a Y-harness.
The smallest is a 5 channel reciver so i had one channel to much :D.
Well, i like flaps so i put some to it.




Thats the corsair like you know it.




And these are the lights :cool:
I simply sanded down the top of the LED and put a LEGO brick on the top.
I´l controll the LED´s with an Arduino like i did on the last E-meeting at our flyingfield in Germany with my MPX Twinstar.
An Arduino is a little circuit board which you can program with your computer.
I really like it.




I reinforced the elevator with carbonfiber and i put a little sheet of depron to the bottom of the wings.
I built the posterboard parts with paper and thin depron so i saved the weight which i made with the reinforcements.
But now to the flaps :cool:





I made them with onely one servo so i can plug them ito one channel.
I´ll hook up the arduino in parelell to the flaps.

Does it look cool? . . . Jes it does! Beleave me!

I´ll add landinglights on the wings and then i´l update you!

I´ve done some progress on the FT Corsair yesterday.
First i glued in the servos and the rudderhorns, wich onely were a few servohorns.
Next i set the secound landing light in place.



Then i runned the cables up to the wingjoin and then put them through the hole of the flapservo.


In due to the depron peace i placed there i have a lot of place.
I´ll place an "Arduino Micro" there to controll the lichts (My mainprojekt page 5 last post).

By the way, in the mainprojekt i made a lot of progress too and i also posted it. (Dc3/C47 ...) (you should know it :p)

Have a nice day!