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    Neon Spear

    This is my 2nd Spear... my first one which wasn't maker foam took a horrible nose dive when I lost the receiver somehow. This one I am taking a page off the ZOHD Neon.
  2. C

    Solved Ready-build Simple Cub with lights?

    Hi, Im building the ready build kit of the Simple Cub and was wondering what the best way of lighting it up would be. An idea is that the led strips should shine through the foam, but I also want to paint it and im not sure if they will shine through the paint and how well. im also thinking of...
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    FT 3d with servo controlled l.e.d.'s

    My first flight with the ft 3d wasn't a success, I flew about 12 sec before dive bombing a jeep that was traveling 20 mph on the road, I repaired the plame and thought I would mess around with some lights I had sitting around, I powered the lights with a 9v battery and cut the negative wire...
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    Switching Plane LEDs on and off?? Possible?

    Hello all! I recently got into the RC hobby and love it. I have a SuperCub S. I bought an 8 LED Nav light setup which has been installed and plugged into the Cub's stock rudder port (the rudder controls are actually plugged into the aileron port on the receiver). I have a Spektrum DX6i...