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  1. Snarls

    FAA Releases Drone Registration Location Data

    For anyone who wants to have a look. The state/province and zip code of every FAA registered drone owner. No street numbers or names are given so don't worry about your security being lost. Most places have dozens of registrations so you won't be singled out either. It's pretty interesting to...
  2. J

    FT Duster - battery location and retention

    Ok, this could be a silly question but I've searched and found no answer. I've built my first Flite Test plane, the FT Duster, and I'm not wholly certain where the battery goes. I've seen some pics with it on the underside of the power pod, not inside it, which certainly makes sense from a...
  3. E

    How much much space for FT Flyer?

    I've got my FT Flyer built, all my electronics working, radio set up, but no where to go! Having never actually done this before, how much space should I be looking for to motor around?