FT Duster - battery location and retention


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Ok, this could be a silly question but I've searched and found no answer.
I've built my first Flite Test plane, the FT Duster, and I'm not wholly certain where the battery goes.
I've seen some pics with it on the underside of the power pod, not inside it, which certainly makes sense from a 'changing the battery' perspective.
Is this correct? (exact longitudinal position dictated by CG one would assume)

Secondly, I'm a little leery of simply using Velcro strip in a location where the battery could simply drop from the open bottom! What are people doing to counter that? I'm thinking a velcro tie that goes fully *through* the power pod (I'll make a slot at each side) and then wraps around the battery.

Cheers in advance. I've been out of the hobby for too long and been 95% a glo person and not an electric person, so still loads and loads that I simply don't know that many would take for granted.



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I have built three different dusters and the first one was according to the plans. I put the battery under the power pod with velcro, and I did not have any problems. The latest one is scaled up and I made a hatch o the top and I put the battery in from the top. If you are in doubt of the velcro you can add a rubber band from the power pod skewer and wrap around the battery.


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Thanks for that. I've put a strip of velcro on the bottom of the pod. I like the rubber band idea too. Cheers. I'm nearly build complete. I'm just waiting for an RX and prop. Oh, and I need to bend the langing gear too.
Thanks for the response.
I just watched the Viggen build. I like :)


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yeah it goes under the pod like on a lot of the planes. I have never lost a battery even with doing some pretty aggressive maneuvers. It is likely the battery will go a little under the wing to balance properly but even on the bloody baron where the battery is fully exposed it hasnt been an issue.


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Since having a battery fly off two of my airplanes (neither was damaged), I haven't been overly fond of only velcro holding it in myself. On a majority of my planes, I use a velcro strap in conjunction with velcro on the power pod.


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Thanks guys. Build still not complete; been waiting for some wire and EC3 connectors so I can lengthen the wires from the ESC. I think I will use some sort of strap or band though, just in case. Cheers.