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  1. P

    Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry 15+ Mile Range

    About this project The Long Range Telemetry + HD Video/Audio is a portable device that allows you to use your tablet, smartphone (yes even iOS), or laptop as a ground station for your APM and Pixhawk powered vehicles. The system makes the connection between your tablet/smartphone, your ground...
  2. S

    Long Distance Skywalker FPV 3.5Km RT

    Hey folks, I did my first and second FPV flight with my Skywalker 1900 today and I thought i would share the video. The video has most of the details so here you go: You can watch the second flight HERE Today was a little cloudy up high, about 45F, and no wind which is just about right in my...
  3. EraJomppa

    Longhshot 4 DLG - Buildthread

    After flying couple of scratchbuilt gliders past year I decided I wanted a proper glider. DLG seemed the best way to go for me so I chose Longshot 4. Im more of a scratchbuilder guy and I like to go cheap so this is something way different than what Iv done before. Previously my most expensive...
  4. bicyclemonkey

    Turnigy 9X with FrSky module

    Anyone here try this setup yet? I have a Turnigy 9X v2 transmitter that I had to order as mode 1 cause HK was out of stock on the mode 2's. I just converted it to mode 2 and installed the FrSky module. Supposedly with the patch antenna and 1W booster this setup will do 10km...