Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry 15+ Mile Range


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About this project

The Long Range Telemetry + HD Video/Audio is a portable device that allows you to use your tablet, smartphone (yes even iOS), or laptop as a ground station for your APM and Pixhawk powered vehicles.

The system makes the connection between your tablet/smartphone, your ground station, and your vehicle, linking them wirelessly via WiFi.

This is not your ordinary WiFi in all aspects. The link between your laptop/smartphone/tablet to the wireless router is limited in range to around 300ft (like standard home WiFi). However, the link from your ground station to the vehicle is only limited by the link quality. (5-15+ Miles)

Many tablets and smartphones don't have a full size USB connector, requiring an adapter to even plug in a telemetry radio. Even then, the radio is left dangling from your otherwise sleek ground station... Not a very good solution. This is an easy to use device that you just power on and set down when you're ready to fly. It runs from any 3s Lipo battery so no cables or other devices are needed. Since it's a separate device, it can be placed in an ideal spot for radio reception as well. It is even compatible with antenna tracking systems for even longer range.

Who it's for

The Long Range Telemetry + HD FPV system is for anyone looking to use a tablet or smartphone as a video viewing station or primary ground station when operating any ArduPilot Mega powered device. The system is compatible with any ethernet wifi radio or antenna combination. While using the system there is no need for 3DR Radios, 433 and 915, or RFD900 or any video transmitters.

All programming headers are easily accessible, including FTDI headers telemetry module and the WiFi module, should you decide to tinker under the hood a bit.

If you already own you RC transmitter, be sure to select a different frequency when your order for happy flying.( I.E. Don't select 2.4GHz Long Range Telemetry if you have a Specktrum RC Transmitter. Select 900 Mhz or 5 Ghz.)

Production Plan

As soon as funding is complete, we'll start by ordering the largest batch of parts we can, taking advantage of volume discounts as much as possible. We already have reliable providers in place for parts, Part procurement will take about 10 days. Given the new year holiday, we expect to receive parts around Febuary 15th. From there, we will assemble the units by hand-crafting each unit. We expect it will take about 1 week per 50 units for assembly and test once we're set up, but we're also giving ourselves about 3 weeks of buffer time at the beginning in case something comes up. This puts the first 100 units shipping around March 1, 2015. If there are more than 100 pledges, then we will continue from there.

Testing will be done on each unit powering the units up, pre-configuring each unit and pairing with a tablet and an ArduPilot Mega and actually testing that the connection is complete. Shipping will be by First Class Mail in a protective box.

Check out Version 2.0 Kickstarter Here

Buy Version 1.0 Now Here.

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