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    Connecting Flysky FS-i6 to Mac

    I have the FlySky FS-i6 Controller and am trying to running it on a Macbook Pro. I bought the Flysky USB Flight Simulator Adaptor Cable for about $10 on Amazon. In the product description, it says that it is not compatible with Macs. I am also running the FPV FreeRider simulator. Is there...
  2. T

    Free Simulators for MacBooks?

    Was wondering if you guys know of any good simulators (or any at all), that are free and for mac. The only free ones I have seen are for Windows.
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    First build ever, H Quad, Need Help Thanks!

    I built the wooden H Quad frame, looks great, now I need to add all the parts. Here's the shopping list I'm working on.... 1x #381000134/27109 MultiWii Lite V1.0 Flight Controller w/FTDI = $26.29 4x #TR_P18A/4312 TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller = $44.04 2x #AM1003A/67 4mm Gold Connectors...