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Free Simulators for MacBooks?

Was wondering if you guys know of any good simulators (or any at all), that are free and for mac. The only free ones I have seen are for Windows.


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I don't think there is a free one for Macs. However, I plan on attempting to create an RC simulator this winter that I will offer for free and will work for Macs. If I get it to work it's probably not going to be very good. At least not at first. But it will be a start and I want to make it open source.
Thank you! I have been flying since the beginning of september and I haven't gotten a simulator yet, but being a college student I don't want to have to put down $100+ for a good sim. Thanks for your response!


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I don't really have the money to keep the hobby going. The software I plan on using (Unity) is free. So it's a much cheaper hobby to create an RC simulator than to actually fly RC planes. Flying actual RC planes is funner, but can be much more frustrating. Which can suck all the fun out of it.

Frankly I just want to try out multirotors without having to pay for a simulator. ;)

ps. I'm sure making a simulator is going to be a ton of work and will take me way too long before I have a working prototype. So don't count on it being done any time soon.


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Aerofly RC7

When it comes to simulators for OSX there is really only one option, unless you want to get into parallels and stuff. Aerofly is a great simulator, but its $40 for standard, and then you can get professional for $60 and ultimate for $100 or something. What I don't know about it is if I were to get Professional, would the price for Ultimate go down? Aerofly RC7 Standard comes with a lot of planes, including a ⅓ scale Sbach 432 (insert happy face here) and an adrenaline 120. it has a range of gliders, some like the radian, I think it even has a Bird of time, and one HUGE one that has retractable gear. There are also a large handful of "other" models like a ½ scale Wilga, a F4U corsair and A pitts and a gee bee. As for helis, it has 2 nitro helis, a tiny little t-rex 450 and a couple other acro and scale models. Over all, I love it. All you need is any USB based controller, and almost anything will work. If you want to use your own RC controller with the sim, you can get a USB adapter. http://shop.ikarus-usa.com/en/home/745-usb-interface-for-aeroflyrc7.html You will need to get a separate "mini-cable" thats specific for your type of radio. Ikarus part numbers 303101, and 31036. Its a bit expensive, probably $100 for the whole sim (assuming that you got standard, you got the USB adapter, and radio adapter). The graphics are REALY nice, especially if you have the beef in your Mac to run the higher res scenery options and stuff like that. I have 8GB ram and I can run the medium scenerys with minimal lag. Good luck!


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Just confirmed it, buying ultimate from standard is a tad ($10) cheaper than "laddering" up to ultimate from professional, from standard. So now we know its fine to take small steps!


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Is free and works on Mac osx. Funny enough, I didn't even know about it until I joined the club it is named after.

Charles River radio controllers.

Incidentally, the field featured in that software is davis field in Sudbury, MA. A mixed use public park where there is now debate about the town wanting to build little league fields into a part of the land. It would impact flying there sure to all the games.


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yes.. Im not sure I get your question..
Montiey said:
Just confirmed it, buying ultimate from standard is a tad ($10) cheaper than "laddering" up to ultimate from professional, from standard. So now we know its fine to take small steps!
Small steps would be going each step and not jump one version. The jump is $10 cheaper, but you still said it's fine to take small steps.