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meet up

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    Anyone in MD/PA looking to fly?

    Hey guys My name is Mike. Anyone in the MD area who flys? I'm really into flying multi rotors. Line of sight or FPV. I dabble in building the FT airplane kits and attempting to fly them. Modifying or frankensteining a build together is something I'm always working on. Wanted to see if there...
  2. N

    Denver Colorado meet up facebook page!

    I started flying because of flitetest, and wanted to spread the fun and fly with people in the Denver area. I started a facebook page and would love to start fying with a good group of scratch builders. https://www.facebook.com/CoParkflyers Check us out! Click like and LETS FLY!
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    Trip to Neat

    Hi, I'm based in the UK, and I have wanted to meet the FliteTest guys for a couple of years now, so I want to go to the Neat Fair. Unfortunately, there is a small, multiple thousand miles distance between me and the US. So, in 2016, I plan to fly to the US, and go to the Neat fair to meet them...