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Trip to Neat

Hi, I'm based in the UK, and I have wanted to meet the FliteTest guys for a couple of years now, so I want to go to the Neat Fair. Unfortunately, there is a small, multiple thousand miles distance between me and the US. So, in 2016, I plan to fly to the US, and go to the Neat fair to meet them, so hopefully they're going to be there! Anyway, I have to go and get a illegal job (since I'm 13) and start earning the over £1000 needed to get there an back.
Welcome highflying!

I too would love to hang out with the FT crew at Neat Fair this year, but they have said a few times that they won't be attending Neat again. Maybe by 2016 they would go back.

I would try and make the FliteFest event. I'm sure that will turn out to be an annual thing.


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If there is any event worth crossing the pond over, I think the FT guys would suggest Joe Nall. The location and amount of fun to be had would make it #1 on my wish list to go see


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I've never been to Joe Nall, but it sounds like the best RC event there is.

If you're interested in general aviation, then there is nothing better than Airventure in Oshkosh, WI. http://www.airventure.org/ Airventure technically does have RC planes, but it's an extremely small part and hardly even worth checking out while there.

If you're willing to come to the US for an airplane event, those two are probably the best ones and would require multiple days to check everything out that is offered.