1. J

    Phoenix area?!

    Anybody in here in Phoenix, or the valley that would want to meet up and fly this up coming weekend? Say Saturday the 5th of may? I go to a local park. Pretty empty and big, and the city allows model flying.
  2. S

    Create Virginia Beach, VA Meet up group

    Hello FT People, I am looking to create a meet-up group for the Virginia Beach, VA area. Hope to share knowledge, experience, sense of community. I would like to build FT airplanes, Quads together. Learn to fly FPV and other area of RC flying. All experience is welcome. Best Regards, Sidney King
  3. Vitamin J

    That Time of the Year Again - COFPV 2015 Summer Meet June 20-21

    You know the drill. COFPV has the best FPV meetup around. Info here:
  4. T

    kk2 firmware and that usb dongle

    So, I'm building an rcexplorer tricopter, and for a control board, I have purchased a kk2, no point one or mini, thanks to readytoflyquads. I soldered all my little pins and plugged it all in and... im up a river i thought oh it will have an older firmware ill get the usb adaptor and update it...
  5. P

    Anybody flying in Berlin?

    Hello everybody! Even though I'm living in Germany, my German leaves a lot to be desired, so I'll be sticking to English. I'm in Berlin, and I've only just gotten my first quadcopter, a Blade Nano QX. I'm having a lot of fun indoors and in the park in my inner yard. However, my previous RC...
  6. S

    Any pilots in NE Oklahoma?

    I'm just North of Tulsa and wondering if there are any pilots or hobbyists in this region.