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Create Virginia Beach, VA Meet up group

Hello FT People,

I am looking to create a meet-up group for the Virginia Beach, VA area.
Hope to share knowledge, experience, sense of community.

I would like to build FT airplanes, Quads together.
Learn to fly FPV and other area of RC flying.

All experience is welcome.

Best Regards,
Sidney King
I would be interested. I live in VA Beach, work in Norfolk, and fly in Chesapeake. I will admit that my favorite flying fields in the Tidewater area are all in Chesapeake because Chesapeake is not in a no-fly zone and much more wide open.


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Hopefully, Lord willing, I'll be moving to NE NC ithe summer of 2017 and would like to fly with y'all.

Also, you might want to make use of FT Groups to perhaps better organize local fly days.
3-0 flyers are in Pungo/Virginia Beach. I am pretty sure they have a FB page. Quads, fixed wing, I am pretty sure they do it all.
I am in Franklin about an hour from the beach, so I do mostly nearby quad flying is a small park, the athletic fields behind the Y, local golf course and Whoop once in awhile in walking distance cemetery.
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Your move that is? I am on the state line just north of Murfreesboro, NC and about 40 minutes from Elizabeth City. NC is great state, I hope you like it!
I see this is a pretty old post, but there's a large group of us that fly on the weekends in virginia beach, right inside pungo! "three-oaks flyers", we have a nice runway, a relaxed group of folks who i've enjoyed flying with since 2013!
we're open to pretty much anything flying-wise except turbine and large gas planes only after 11am. i usually bring out a ton of my FT stuff and have a blast!