1. Snarls

    Share Your Instagram! (Or Other Social Media)

    Do you have an Instagram account that you use for this hobby? If so please share! I see a lot of the Flitetest crew on Instagram and wonder if any other forum members are also posting what they are doing. I think it's a great way to check in on what others are doing, see builds that never took...
  2. F

    Subscribe to Member Activity

    Hi, Just wondering if it could be made possible to subscribe to members' activity? Thanks Andrew
  3. SkySlayer

    Request For New(female) Member.

    Hy guys I am starting this thread to act more like a poll than anything else and also so you can explain your views on this: FLITETEST should have a "Hot Chic" as a co-host. In one of my previous threads, the topic got...well... "off topic" and ended up at the fact that people would like to see...