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micro flying wing

  1. DiAleksi

    DiA Tiny Whing - the minimalistic, easy build and fly micro wing 1S/2S

    Hello guys! I like flying wings. And I like minimalism and small scale. One day my friend got me to try small AD/HD Delta wing, with a 40cm wingspan. I loved it. But still had feeling to do some more minimalistic. As I like FPVWRA Spec class racing wings and tiny whoop quads, got some...
  2. J

    Micro flying wing

    So a while back, I saw a 3-channel boomerang-shaped flying wing made using the receiver and motor from a Hobbyzone Champ, made by a guy with the YouTube channel Chris Allen. It was a pusher configuration, direct-drive. Had about a 12-14 inch wingspan, and a KF airfoil. It flew really well. I've...