DiA Tiny Whing - the minimalistic, easy build and fly micro wing 1S/2S


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Hello guys!

I like flying wings. And I like minimalism and small scale. One day my friend got me to try small AD/HD Delta wing, with a 40cm wingspan. I loved it. But still had feeling to do some more minimalistic. As I like FPVWRA Spec class racing wings and tiny whoop quads, got some inspiration to create micro wing that uses tiny whoop motor and batteries. So that how my Tiny Whing was born.

Tiny Whing Whoop.jpg

It was cut from 3mm depron foam, built with 802 19000kv motor and with 300mAh 1S lipo battery AUW was only 31g! I was amused of how well it fllew!
Check out the video:

In some view, it was easy to build, but still, you had to insert carbon fibre spars to make it stiff and glueing separate winglets.

Couple of days later my friend surprised me by bringing a Flite Test's waterproof foam board! And almost immediately got an idea to make a new version of Tiny Whing!

I fell in love with this foam board, especialy the waterproof paper cover was that thing :) Even it is thicker than the 3mm depron I used before, it still amazingly lightweight!

Decided to make it from one piece with bent winglets and ailerons. Also got a pressure to use a 2S power system with it :D

Here some process photos of a new wing:

And the final result is this:


As I had only 19000kv motors on my workbench, I had to use a smaller propeller for 2S. Have to get a 16000kv motor to use with better 65mm biblade prop. Also made an adapter to use two 250mAh 1S HV lipos. All in all that result's AUW is 40g! Didn't expect it to be such light.

Maiden was in windy condition and it was flyable without any trimming! Still waiting for calm weather to see how it performs without any distraction.

And guess what! You can build it yourself. I've put cutting templates, printing parts and building instructions on Thingiverse.com/thing:3655383 :)


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Sweet looking plane! Just the perfect thing for after-school flying on your way home. How does it fly without fpv? I can imagine something this small being difficult to see, especially with the speed it's capable of.


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Looks like a good plane for flying between trees or flying around a park on a windless day. Every time I see the sun through my all-in-one micro camera like that one it reminds me of the song Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden.

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I'll definitely build one of these sometime, I don't have any quads to pick parts from so I priced it out at around $80. My friends all fly quads and I've been trying to convince them to try wings, this might be just the thing. It would be cool to try a Prandtl-style twisted wing on this too.