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micro fpv

  1. Stevo430687

    Micro-Quads (Tiny Whoop(TM))

    Put the Project Mockingbird tune on my Bee Brain today, Butter...
  2. C

    Tiny Whoop Doesn't Have Enough Power

    When flying my Whoop it will either suddenly drop to the ground and come back up as I'm hovering, or not be able to catch itself even at full throttle when descending. I've tried re-soldering the power connector, and I've fully taken apart and put it back together twice. I use a standard...
  3. G

    FPV with a Dromida Ominus?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Dromida Ominus, and I am also looking into getting into FPV. What I am wondering, is if anyone has used FPV with a Dromida Ominus, and if so, what setup do you use? Any suggestions and/or comments would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!